April 21, 2011
Did I Say Rack?

I can tolerate a lot of things, like the haters on reddit, even a colleague calling me out to be a jerk. But when my wife starts talking to me really fast and using herhands, then I need to rethink my position:

Me: “Hey come here and look at these comments I’m getting on my blog! someone says I need to change the name of my software before it’s TOO LATE!”

Wife: “Why did you name it Rack anyway?”

Me: “Because I couldn’t find a better name,” I say in that snarky half-grin tone. The one I use when I know I’m arguing for the sake of argument and being hard-headed.

Wife: “That’s a lame excuse! You can do better than that! I would believe you if you said you were just using it as a placeholder until you find a better name. You’re just being stubborn!”


And she’s right. I had gotten so wrapped up in making the code work and writing all the documentation and taking care of correctness, spellings, testing, packaging, blogging, speaking, and tweeting… that I forgot I had chosen a perfectly good name a few months ago.

Wife: “That’s a great name! Why didn’t you use that all along? You’re far more creative than you give yourself credit.”

Me: “Can I quote you on that?”

Wife: “No!”

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