April 20, 2011
Whither rApache and Rook (for R)

The above picture shows what an apache child process will look like once I add Rook support to rApache. An explanation of the above:

1) The light-orange colored box describes the apache process space.

2) Everything in blue, whether light-blue or cyan, is part of the R process space.

3) mod_R is the rApache portion: it glues together Apache to R.

4) The smaller rectangles (containing the text “brew::brew” and “/path/to/app.R::handler”) represent the current way rApache runs your web applications. Note that these applications will ONLY run via rApache and not any other web server. 

5) The cyan ovals represent the new way in which rApache will run Rook applications. ANY Rook (for R) applications, even if you developed it on your desktop.

So, any R web application developed using rApache will only work on rApache, while any R web application using the Rook specification/interface/package will work on rApache or any other Rook-enabled web server, like Rhttpd.

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