July 27, 2012
rApache 1.2.0 Released

With this release comes a minor change in behavior: for requests that have been configured with RFileEval, RFileHandler, or using the r-script handler, rApache will set the working directory to the file’s directory.

For instance with a Rook deployment like this:

 <Location /hmisc> 
        SetHandler r-handler 
        RFileEval "/home/hornerj/Hmisc/config.R:Rook::Server$call(app)" 

It makes sense to change the working directory to /home/hornerj/Hmisc. That way, the examples in the Rook package can work without change.

Also, for:

<Directory /home/hornerj/rapache/test/brew> 
  SetHandler r-script 
  RHandler brew::brew 

and a request of /home/hornerj/rapache/test/brew/simple.html, it makes sense to set the working directory to:


Or if the request was /home/hornerj/rapache/test/brew/subdir/foo.html, it makes sense to set it to:


Yay for minor releases!

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